5 Survival Uses for Pine Resin

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A group of pinecones

Pine resin, or pine pitch, is the name given to the substance that pine trees secrete. If the tree suffers a cut, or if any of its branches are broken, the tree secretes pine resin. There are a lot of different uses for this pine resin, especially if you’re in an emergency situation or are lost in the wilderness. The best part about pine trees is that you can find them all around in abundance.

Let’s look at 5 ways to use pine resin if you’re in a survival situation.

Treating Wounds

Pine sap is great for healing wounds as it is known to have great antibacterial properties. If you’ve been cut out in the wild, break a few pine branches and apply the sap to your open wound. Once you do that, the bleeding will stop almost immediately. The wound will also close up; not allowing any bacteria to get in. This will ensure immediate healing. The pine pitch can also be used to treat blisters and burns.

Lighting a Fire

Lighting a fire is one of the first things you should do in a survival situation. If you’re reading about the uses of pine resin in a survival situation, you’re probably wondering, “is pine pitch flammable?” Well, the answer to that is, yes, pine resin is definitely flammable and can help you start a fire when the weather conditions are damp.

You might find yourself stuck in a situation where the wood around you is damp, and you need to light a fire. If this is the case, you don’t need to worry if you have pine trees around. All you need to do is find pine branches and hardened pine resin. Ignite the pitch using a flint bar and magnesium shavings.  The fire will burn for quite a long time.

Pine Resin Glue

You might find yourself in a situation where you need to repair broken shoes or even repair fish hooks. You can make thick, super sticky glue using pine resin. Just warm the resin and add charcoal to it once it turns into its liquid form. Keep stirring it and the mixture will become thick. You can then use it to repair anything. This glue is extremely sticky, so be very careful when using it as you don’t want to stick your fingers together when you’re out in the wild.


Pine resin can also be used to create a lamp. Find any stone with a hole in it and fill it with resin. You will also need to find some material to make a wick. Place the wick material on top of the pitch. When you ignite the wick, the resin will ignite. It will burn like a candle and will light up the area for you.


Pine resin is also a great source of heat. If you have a metal container that you aren’t using, poke some holes in it and place it over some ignited pitch. It will immediately heat up, and you will be able to warm your hands and feet using this container. This will not heat up a large area, but you can definitely use it in an emergency situation if you have cold hands or feet.   


Pine resin is an amazing and versatile product of the pine tree. If you’re ever stuck in a situation where you need to make a fire or heal a wound, and there’s nothing but pine trees around, you should thank your lucky stars. You can use pine resin to get you out of almost any sticky survival situation.


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