Top 10 Best States for Homesteading

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Modern homesteading is a flourishing style at present, that’s why many people are migrating from cities to urban areas. People want a simple lifestyle and self-sufficiency. Actually, the best and perfect state for homesteading depends on the goal and interest of the homesteader.

In the United States, every homesteader can find the perfect location for homesteading. Some people come into the homesteading world for growing food. They want to grow food for their use and sale. For growing food, they are looking for an area that is suitable for growing crops and fields. Conditions for harvesting are good soil, easy access to water, moderate temperature, and sufficient rainfall. They are passionate about homesteading for growing natural foods. So, they need an area having all the mentioned conditions.

 In this modern age, many people are considering changing their ways of living off the land as many of our ancestors did. Not one state can provide all the necessary conditions for homesteading, otherwise, all the homesteaders would probably move there. So, we will have to give up some desires in exchange for some good benefits. Thorough research will open your mind to the advantages and disadvantages that are present there. Every place will offer you a different set of challenges. But the original game is to overcome these problems and overcoming those problems is part of the fun. It will give you a great experience. 

Some important factors:

Some important factors are listed below:

Safety of land

Some areas are environmentally safe and some are not in terms of drought, volcanos, oil refineries, fracking, and superfund sites. 

Water accessibility

Some states have an abundant supply of water, such as lakes and rivers. Whereas other places are known for their dry climate. Drinking water is abundant where the river and lakes are present. States having a generous amount of rainfall attracts the homesteaders as well as the buyers. Water laws vary in different states due to the amount of water available in that state. 

Growing food

Many homesteaders dream of having a vast place where they can grow their own food. This food is not only natural and healthier but also has potential in the business sector. A temperate climate that lasts for ten months or more is heaven for such homesteaders. If the climate is colder building a greenhouse might be profitable. The homesteaders working in livestock should search for the climate helpful to livestock. 


Some people want to enjoy all the four seasons. Some love the snowy landscape. Others love the warmer climate for the whole year. Most people want a moderate climate. So, the land should be chosen according to the taste of the people. Places having moderate temperature are best for business, growing food, livestock and also for living.

Good soil

Good soil flourishes the flora. Grass and trees present a good landscape. In sandy land greenery vanishes. Homesteaders prefer areas where good soil is present. 

Sufficient rainfall

Rainfall is beneficial for both human and plants. Sufficient rainfall is good for flora and fauna. In humid atmosphere plants grow faster. Rainfall is also necessary for a good economy. 

Your family’s health

In the hassle and Basle of life, a man wants satisfaction, which is only possible in the lap of nature. Green landscapes have a soothing effect on the eyes and nerves.  Pesticides and insecticides not only affect the plants, pests, and insects but it also affects human health. So, a healthy atmosphere is necessary for an individual and its family.

Top 10 Homesteading States 


Homesteading in Idaho

The best soil in the country making it the top choice for homesteaders is the “Idaho”. The beautiful green hills and mountainsides are found in this state. If you are a solitude lover in your favorite place you can choose the best location in Idaho. 

The government laws are favorable. I will choose Idaho because of its beautiful landscapes, its rich soil land and the laid-back style of life. 

West Virginia

Homesteading in West Virginia

This state is best for growing food as conditions for harvesting are good soil, easy access to water, moderate temperature and sufficient rainfall.  This state is perfect for its low property taxes but zoning restrictions in rural properties are becoming strict so the sooner you buy land there is the better.

West Virginia is a great place for self-sustainability because of its favorable climate. With an estimated 44 inches of rainfall per year, a farmer has not to worry about not having enough water for crops and personal use. West Virginia is the best state for farmers.  Modern homesteaders are looking for an area where natural gifts like water, beauty, a good environment, and a favorable climate are available more than any place.  


Homesteading in Oregon

The best state for homesteading is particularly coastal Oregon.  Because Oregon has a beautiful view and provides a strong society of booming homesteaders and small farm owners. This state has favorable water rights and offers adoptable climates giving you options to live in your favorite place.  Oregon is known best for farmers because it is easy and beneficial to grow good crops and food. 

Coastal Oregon is one of the highest naturally abundant places in the United States. 


Homesteading in Connecticut

Connecticut is a small farm. It can be homestead-friendly but unfortunately, property taxes are higher than most states which give it a disadvantage to a homestead. The benefits of picture-perfect scenery you can find throughout the rural parts, water is clean and plentiful, the climate is mild and lots of farming and agricultural potential.  If you want a home school for your children this state is best. 


Homesteading in Montana

Most visually appealing places are found in Montana. It’s a homesteading haven. The summer is beautiful and winters are harsh, making the growing season short and possibly rough. The land of Montana is harsh and barren.


Homesteading in Maine

Incredible landscapes, scenery and plenty of land can attract you to homestead in Maine. The northern parts of Maine are less populated. So, it is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy solitude living and low property taxes. You can enjoy all the four seasons there and still grow crops if you can learn to use the climate changes to your advantage. 


Homesteading in Michigan

A diverse state which offers the experience all four seasons is Michigan. You may feel longer winters. The soil is fertile and rich making it a wonderful place to grow crops. You can have the best idea to look into building a greenhouse. You can enjoy fishing for trout and salmon in Lake Michigan. The cost of living is higher and strict state regulations are forcing some people to migrate to states like Missouri. 


Homesteading in Missouri

A very homesteading-friendly state is Missouri. A few state government regulations which provide people with more freedom to live in the way they want to do on their property. People have the right to collect rain. There is an average of 40 inches of rainfall per year. You can enjoy all the four seasons. Summer is typically hot and humid. The winters are warmer, the bonuses are that you will reap the benefits of a successful crop harvest.


Homesteading in Tennessee

The rural parts of Tennessee offer some of the most beautiful homesteading locations in the United States. You can have the pleasure of enjoying every season along with a plentiful harvest for about nine months out of the year. Tennessee offers the homesteaders in terms of low property costs and taxes, favorable state loss and giving the opportunity growing your own food. The state government allows the people to collect rainwater and offers many other freedoms for what you can do on your own property. Tennessee is also popularly known as the volunteer state.

This state provides you a great place because the cost of living is low. It’s home to amazing music and it offers its residents a high quality of life. Tennessee is the best homesteading population because of the favorable laws and climate.


Homesteading in Alaska

Being a solitary state, your relationship with this state is so remote that you can only arrive by plane. In my view, if you are a brave person and solitude loving you can go that far state. This longed-for peace comes at a price because the winters are very harsh and demanding. People that have not nerves and some health problems should not go there because the winter is very long and they can face difficulties in surviving the long winter. 

Homesteaders should talk to the locals who have spent their entire lives under those severe conditions and they can surely offer you some advice that can help you. People who enjoy snowfall can love this place. Hitch-Hiking and tenting will give them satisfaction to adventure lovers. For people who are looking for an area where they can get the cheapest land, Alaska is one of the best states because theses states offer the homesteaders a chance to get facilities in a low amount.


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