Can a Goat be House Trained

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If you have ever had goats in your home, you would know that they tend to make messes without us humans’ help. Many people nowadays are asking the question of whether or not a goat can be house trained. 

Yes, a goat can be housebroken. However, unlike dogs and cats, goats do not plan to defecate. It just happens as they move around. For this reason, you can only train a goat to go pee outside. Goats are intelligent creatures that can be trained to do things with just one command. They need patience, time, and love from their owner for the training process to go smoothly.

Can a goat live in a house?

Goats are wonderfully playful animals and can be great companions for those who have the time to spend with them, but they are better kept outside. While it might be possible to teach them some tricks and manners, goats have a tendency to break things in the house with their hooves.

However, there are times when it is necessary to keep goats in the house. For example, if you need to keep your goat indoors during the cold months, then you will have to teach it the art of potty training.

Are goats easy to train?

Goats can be such playful and gentle creatures, but sometimes they are just downright naughty. While the most common type of mischief that may be found in a goat’s house is causing a commotion with its hoofs, there are other things they may do.

Can you train a goat like a dog?

Have you ever heard of a goat that can do tricks? Well, they exist! You teach them commands, and they will follow. They can pull carts or carry packs while in camp. You can teach a goat to heel like a dog, back up on command, and come when called. You can also train goats for all sorts of tricks that will amaze your friends!

These clever goats can be trained to stand on platforms, jump through hoops covered and open, walk on their hind legs, pull ropes that lead food out of cans. They can wear clothes, hats, sunglasses, bows or give kisses too! Most goats learn very quickly for a delicious treat.

Some goat breeds are easy to train, but others often resist the process. Training your goat may take some time, especially if you don’t have any previous experience with goat training. 

How do you potty train a baby goat?

Goat feces are notorious for their pungent aroma, and goats often drop them where they stand. While this can’t be avoided, urination can be trained with the proper training. Newborn baby goats may react best to training.

You can potty train a baby goat by placing the little one outside – usually either when it wakes up or finishes drinking. The two most common times for a kid to urinate are waking and finishing off its bottle, so this would be an ideal time for you to place them out of doors. Try commands such as “Go Potty?” or “Go Pee-Pee,” by doing this, they will associate these words with doing what’s necessary in nature, subsequently making your job even easier!

The goat should be praised and pet as soon as it’s done going potty. Scratching behind the ear is also a nice touch to reward it for its work.

Can goats wear diapers?

For those who keep a goat as an indoor pet, diapering is the ideal way to control feces. Goats can be house-trained, but they cannot learn how to poop properly on their own – that’s where you come in!

Yes, goats can wear diapers. Diapers are a valuable tool for dealing with the messes of young goats. They can be used to catch and contain any poop that is not only sticky but difficult to clean up, including when it’s full of those younger goat-feces which tend to stick around no matter what you do! As they grow older, though, their feces should become dryer and easier to sweep away – meaning diapering becomes less necessary.

What size diaper for a baby goat

Newborn goats (standard size, not pygmies) typically need size 3 diapers, although it does depend on the kid’s size, while older kids will generally require a more robust size 5 or 6. Keep an extra diaper on hand for when the baby goat is in the house. When I have to keep a bucking from peeing all over in the house, I wrap an extra diaper around their stomach and then put another one over their butt before attaching them together. Please note that if you have very playful kids who like to jump a lot, they can get out of them within seconds!

For miniature breeds like pygmies, you will probably need newborn-size diapers. Of course, this will vary depending on their size, though. 

How to diaper a goat

You’ll want to put the diaper on your goat just as you would an infant. The sticky sides should be under their backside, and where their tail is located, ensure that it can poke through before removing the wrap from around them.

Make sure to cut a slit in the diaper for your baby’s tail. You want it to be about 2 inches long or shorter if you’re working with baby goats.

Now, grab the goat with both hands and place it across your lap. It should be in a position where its head rests on one side of your leg while its tail is resting on the other. Make sure to position yourself in a way that’s comfortable for you as well!

You want to get the goat’s back legs by its ankles and hold it still while you slide his tail through a slit in the diaper. If you need help, have someone come over and do this with you!

Last, snugly wrap the diaper around your goat and close them back by sticking on the tabs. Make sure that it’s tight enough not to fall off but loose so you can get a finger in between.


Goats are intelligent creatures that can be housebroken with just one command. However, They can’t control their poop correctly on their own. The patience you give them is reflected in your goat’s ability to learn new tricks and routines quickly, which means they will become a much more enjoyable pet for the whole family!


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