How Does the Strike Pen Work?

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In a world where nothing can be predicted, being able to protect and defend yourself is a must. And in order for that self-defense, strike pens are an excellent choice as they are easily concealable and effective at neutralizing threats.  So, let’s take a look at actually how does the strike pen work. 

A strike pen works in several ways. It has the ability to work as a knife, tactical weapon, sword, and you can also use your strike pen for protecting yourself verbally with confidence. It is important to know about the different ways in which your strike pen works before using it as otherwise, it can also prove to be harmful to you. 

In this article, I am going to talk briefly about strike pens, how they work, and why they should be used. Therefore, to know more about this self-defense device, I recommend you go through this entire article as it will provide you with all the necessary information regarding strike pens. 

What Is A Strike Pen?

A strike pen is a self-defense tool in the form of a pen. It can be used both to write and to protect oneself, as a result, it is referred to as a multi-tool. It has the shape, size, and characteristics of a normal pen, with an additional attribute of being used as a weapon. 

The best kind of tools are the ones that can fulfill more than one purpose. A strike pen has the ability to protect you with its sharp points as well as provide you with a very necessary tool which is a pen. 

This pen was produced to provide people with a small self-defense option rather than using something more dangerous like a gun or a knife. This way, people can feel confident just by having a small pen-like tool in their pocket. 

What Is Strike Pens Used for? 

As mentioned before, strike pens are used to protect yourself from a likely attack. The best part about this pen is that it is designed in such a way that no one can predict that it is a weapon and not an ordinary pen. This gives you an advantage as the attacker against whom you’d be using this pen won’t be able to differentiate it from a normal pen and thereby won’t be alarmed. 

This element of surprise will provide you with the opportunity of protecting yourself more easily. Another advantage is that this pen can be carried in a pocket, purse, checkbox, glove box, briefcase, etc. as they are the size of a pen. Even though they are a bit heavier than an ordinary pen, they can still be effortlessly used in case of an attack. 

In this world where misconducts take place every now and then, strike pens have become a necessity and should be carried by people in order to protect themselves in case of an attack. 

How Does Strike Pens Work?

Knowing how strike pens work is very important. Because as they are designed to help you protect yourself, if you don’t know the correct way of how the pen works it will not only be useless to you but it can also prove to be dangerous. So, let’s talk about how they work in different forms. 

Strike Pen as a Knife

Strike pens can be easily used as knives. They possess a sharpened edge that lets you stop your attacker from attacking and also helps you get out of the attacker’s way. So, by using your strike pen as a knife you can easily injure your attacker before he gets a chance to harm you. 

Strike Pen as a Sword or Stick

As mentioned earlier, even though strike pens appear to be like ordinary pens they have sharp pointers and are a bit heavy. These pens also provide you with a great grip. 

So, whenever you are stuck in a situation where you are being attacked, you can simply use your strike pen as a sword and by hitting your attacker in his arms or chest you can cause him great pain. And this way, by using your strike pen as a sword or stick you can protect yourself from unpredicted attacks. 

Strike Pen as Tactical Weapon

Strike pens are now being used by many nation’s forces. Because strike pens are not only easily manageable and portable with a great grip, they are also very cheap. By using strike pens, dangerous situations can also be handled in a more civilized way without actually having to kill someone. This is why strike pens serve very well as tactical weapons. 

Use of Strike Pen as a Verbal Protection 

Whenever you are feeling threatened or being harassed, the best way of making sure that it doesn’t turn out to be a physical attack is by using your strike pen as a verbal protection tool. You can simply point your strike pen towards the person who’s harassing you and verbally defend yourself. 

If you do so, by seeing your strike pen, they won’t understand if the thing you are pointing at them with is a knife or anything that can be harmful when used. And as a result, they will most certainly back off and leave you alone. 

So, strike pens work in several forms. And it is important to know each form correctly so that you can use your strike pen in case of an attack properly without failing to defend yourself. 

What Are the Features of a Strike Pen? 

A strike pen has many features that involve protecting you from any intruder or abuser. A strike pen is made of aluminum alloys which gives the pen strength, lightweight, and durability. The fact that the strike pen looks like an ordinary pen giving it a discreet design, is also another thing that provides the user with an upper hand as other than the user no one else can assume its use. 

The strike pen also manages to provide you with an excellent grip due to having engraved patterns across the pen. This way it can easily be used even in unpredictable situations. Some strike pens also have DNA collector heads providing you with the sample of your attacker once you hit him with it. 

So, strike pens have remarkable features providing you with the option of protecting yourself from any kind of situation that may cause harm to you. 

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind While Using a Strike Pen?

There are some things that you should consider while using your strike pen. Because during a situation of attack or threat all you want to do is remove the threat. And as strike pens can cause serious damage, if you don’t use your strike pen correctly you can cause your attacker’s death as well. So, the first thing you should consider is how to use your pen correctly.

Another thing to consider is if you are looking for a tactical pen to protect yourself or do you need a strike pen that can perfectly provide you the service of an ordinary pen as well. Because not all strike pens are good at fulfilling the purpose of a pen. So, before buying a strike pen, get your priorities straight. 


In this article, I have tried to provide you with all the important and miscellaneous information regarding strike pens and also talked about the way they work. I hope this article was of help to you. 

Thanks for reading till the end and I hope you never come across a scenario where you have to use such a thing. 


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