Survival Lessons for Living in a Vehicle

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You never know what is going to happen so you should be prepared for all sorts of things. One of these is being able to live in your vehicle if you need to.

Living in your vehicle might be an option in a bug-out or natural disaster situation. You may also find yourself on the road stuck in traffic. This may happen if thousands of people are trying to get out of town at the same time because of an evacuation of some sort.

However, a SHTF situation doesn’t necessarily have to be a city-wide disaster. It could also be a personal situation. Maybe you lost your job and can’t pay your bills anymore, and only have your vehicle left.

People only really need food, water, and shelter to survive. A vehicle can be a form of shelter if the need arises.

Sootch walks through the pros and cons of living in your vehicle, what gear would be the most useful and how long you could survive in your vehicle.


Shanna is the 2nd half of Top Outdoor Survival. Like Forest, she has a passion for guns and knives. They love to go on a survival trip at least once a year. They love to go camping, hiking, and traveling.

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