Toilet Paper Tablets: Why Compressed TP is so Awesome

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Modern technique in toilet paper is toilet paper tablets which are compressed toilet papers. They are strange little tablets that are a coin-shaped compressed sheet of cellulose. When you put them in water or trickle water on them then you get a wet cloth which can be used for many purposes e.g. hygiene, first aid, dippers, fire-starting and much more. These TP tabs are made without any ingredients to irritate sensitive skin. These compact TP tabs are simple useful practical taking less space.

Comparison of Toilet Paper Tabs with Normal Toilet Paper

  • TP tabs take up a lot less space in your home or bag.
  • TP tabs take up a lot less space in your home or bag.
  • When TP tabs are rehydrated, they are much thicker and stronger than normal toilet paper.
  • Rehydrated TP tabs make them easier to clean yourself with. You can also let the cloths dry out if you need dry toilet papers.

Working of TP tablets

As these tabs are super compressed sheets of cellulose papers, it only needs a splash of water or to dip them in water then you get a toilet paper. When they expand you are free to use them for all of those things listed above.

Different uses of TP tablets

Cleaning and Sanitizing

On rehydration, toilet paper tablets change into thick durable cloths which are better than paper towels for wiping down the surfaces. The best thing is that you can even rehydrate them with alcohol instead of water to make an antibacterial wipe.


On a long journey, the TP tabs are best to use in public bathrooms where you have the danger of less water. You can carry it easily even if your bag packs are heavy because it takes less space.


TP tablets make great tinder for starting a fire. To use them as tinder you should slightly pull apart the tablet so it is fluffier than just light it with match-stick or sparks from a ferro rods. It will burn for long enough to kindling burning.

Basic Element of Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit even in your car or home should contain the TP tabs while traveling on a long journey you will need to “go” or do an impromptu cleaning; these TP tabs will come in handy.

Treating Water

In camping generally, we do not get pure water. To make it drinkable we use boiling, purification tablets or a UV stick for treating water. One problem we get is debris floating around in the water. Although it is sterile and safe, some people may feel some hesitation to drink.  A simple solution to this problem is to pre-filter the water through a t-shirt, gauze or hydrated TP tablet. 

Military Shower

A military shower is a way of cleaning yourself without using much water. The best way to do this is to use a wet wipe or a hydrated toilet paper tablet. The procedure is simple just get the TP tabs wet, unfold it, and wipe yourself (start with your face and then move to your pits and butt area last).

Dipper Liner

Some people recommend toilet paper tablets using them as a dipper but in my view, TP tablets will not work as a dipper. It can be used as a dipper liner. For this purpose, you just do put a moist, opened TP tablets under your baby’s butt. For this purpose, you have to layer a zillion of these even then they are not going to contain pee or poop!

Hitch-hiking and Camping

In hitch-hiking and camping along Sahara or a hill or mountain camping, you have to travel a long distance where there is no water or houses are present nearby and you have to carry a heavy bag packing. These TP tabs are best even to carry and use in a potation of water. The best thing is that these TP tabs are biodegradable so, don’t worry that you are spreading pollution.

Do Not Use for….

First-aid Bandaging Wound

In case of emergency when you get some wound the first thing, we do is that we apply the first thing is tissue paper to stop the bleeding. It is not good because the little piece of cellulose fiber coming off and getting stuck in the wound which may irritate it. Toilet paper tablets are not packaged in a way that is sanitary for wound care.

Best Toilet Paper Tablets

There are not many companies that produce compressed toilet papers. Three brands are listed below:

WYSI wipes

The most popular brand in TP tabs seems to be WYSI wipes. They are the smallest and thinnest but also can go in pit latrines (better not to flush them especially in an older plumbing system).

The wipes of this brand have the following characteristics:

  • Cheap: comes with 500 in a pack (smaller size is available)
  • Free travel tube included
  • Require 1 Tbsp of water
  • 9 x 9-inch square

Porta wipes compressed toilet paper

People who are looking for thicker wipes are recommended Porta wipes another reputable tissue paper brand.

Porta wipes have the following good features:

  • They come in a waterproof case of 10
  • Hypoallergenic, preservative and fragrance-free
  • Heavier and thicker
  • 9.45 x 9.45-inches

Summits point compressed towel

Another brand in TP tabs is summit compressed towel convenient to carry. These are more durable than a regular paper towel.

This brand has the following features:

  • Pack of 100 magic towels
  • Biodegradable
  • Never expires
  • Free of chemical and detergent
  • 9 x 9-inches square


We try different things in our life that gives no results. Like that try these toilet paper tablets and see how they work. You will get fun; convenience and satisfaction then suggest these to your friends and family. Since using these towels, I have found no issue. Material is quite porous and with a waving in the air, it dries.

They are friendly to the atmosphere as they are biodegradable, convenient to carry, take less space in backpacks.


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